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When it comes to warranty, it is important to know what qualifies as correct use. We tried to collect all relevant information and relay in them in an understandable way, so the products you ordered can stay in good shape for longer, and so you are well informed about the warranty as well. Let’s get started!

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1 year FansBRANDS Warranty

Nearly all products available in the FansBRANDS online store are covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

2 years warranty for watches

The watches (Ferrari watches) available at FansBRANDS are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. More information regarding watch warranty are available at this link.

What products are covered?

Practically, almost all: shoes, shirts, caps, pullovers, pants, etc., so all items of clothing. Plus, accessories like wallets, bags, etc. are also covered. There are, of course, products that we cannot offer a warranty for: like books, perfumes, fragile objects (mugs).

Regarding this last case, we have stated many times that the best solution is if you make a video of you opening the package after reception. This is important because, for example, if a fragile product gets damaged during delivery, this is the only way you can prove it. So, make a video!

Which problems are covered by warranty?

This issue is often a sensitive one when it comes to clothing, but at FansBRANDS, we do everything we can to properly handle real problems covered by warranty.

I say 'real', because of course, there are many people trying to have torn, excessively washed - improperly handled - products (without success, of course).

Problems covered by warranty can always be traced back to factory errors occurring during normal use. Factory errors are those already present at the time of sale, but which could not be discovered during inspection. Sewing, gluing and material errors fall within this category.

Which problems are not covered by warranty?

Many people try in many ways to have their products replaced, but unfortunately, a significant number of them have destroyed their products due to their own faults. We can tell what happened to the product in almost all cases, because at FansBRANDS, we not only sell these items, but wear them day by day, so we are aware of their usability.

  • Obvious tears and breakages are not problems covered by warranty.
  • If, for example, you wash your product at a higher temperature than the one indicated in the washing instructions, and it loses its colour, or the printed decals come off it, these are also not problems covered by warranty.
  • If you don’t use your product as intended, it results in the warranty bacomes void. For example, the shoes we sell are not appropriate for football/soccer - and defects arising from such activities are immediately recognizable.

You can find the instructions for use at the following links. Follow the recommendations at the links!

Special cases

There are extreme cases when a certain parameter of the product is different than its description. In such cases, we will replace the product and also cover your transport costs!

  • When the shoe size is different from the size on the box, we will replace it!
  • Should the photo on the website not reflect the product received! We’ll replace it! (With the exception of products where the photos are illustrations, because, for example the products are not yet manufactured.)

Packaging damaged when the courier gives you the package?

If the package is damages and you think the product you ordered may be deficient or defective, DO NOT TAKE THE PACKAGE!

If you decide to do so, please make a video of you opening it! This is the only way you can prove you are right in case of any faults.

Warranty for fragile products

IMPORTANT! In case of fragile products, MAKE A VIDEO EACH AND EVERY TIME you open and inspect the package, regardless of the condition of the packaging. Otherwise, you cannot prove that the products were damaged during delivery. We do not accept photos as proof.

180-day Return Policy

You can see in several places that at FansBRANDS, we offer you a 180-day return policy. This refers to personal, as well as online shopping.

In this case, we will only accept undamaged, unused products together with the undamaged box of the product and the original invoice for it.

You can find more information about the return process at this link.

Instructions for Use of Puma, Mercedes, BMW Shoes

- Footwear labelling

We try to show as much information as possible regarding the shoes on the website. You can find more details on the shoes’ box. The labels on the footwear include the following information:

  • Place of origin - where the shoes were manufactured.
  • Model number - the shoes’ product code, which you can also find on our website.
  • Size - sizes are usually provided in accordance with UK (England), EUR (European), US (American) numbering, as well as centimetres, and you can also find the same information in our size table and size selector.

- Main materials of the shoes

Shoes available in the FansBRANDS online store are mostly made of artificial leather or textile. You can also find leather and velour shoes, and our store may also feature higher quality and more expensive shoes as well. If you cannot find the pertaining information for one of our products, please feel free to contact us on the phone or via e-mail!



Lining and sock

Lining and sock



Leather (natural leather)

Leather (natural leather)

Coated leather

Coated leather



Other materials

Other materials

- Footwear purpose

Not all shoes can be used for all types of activities. For example, our Drift Cat shoes cannot be used for hiking. In general, we can say that none of the shoes available in our store can be used for playing football/soccer! Defects arising from improper use are not covered by warranty, so please pay proper attention! You can find the following types of footwear at FansBRANDS:

  • Sports footwear, handball shoes, indoor: can only be used indoors.
  • Sports footwear, basketball shoes, indoor: can only be used indoors.
  • Sports footwear, running shoes: can be used outdoors and indoors.
  • Sports footwear, running shoes, field: can be used in outdoor conditions.
  • Sports footwear, tennis shoes: can be used indoors and in outdoor conditions.
  • Sports footwear, fitness shoes: can be used indoors
  • Sports footwear, hiking shoes: can be used for hiking
  • Casual footwear: shoes that are not worn regularly, meant for casual activities – not
  • Competitive sports footwear: their material composition and upper design, lower structure allows for especially active exercising – except in winter conditions.
  • Spring-Autumn footwear for regular use: footwear meant for long-term use – except in winter conditions
  • Summer footwear for regular use: footwear made from materials and designed with a structure that allows increased ventilation of the feet
  • Slippers: footwear made usually of just the uppers or straps, mainly for occasional use at home or at the beach, maybe in fashion.
  • Extreme fashion footwear: special construction and/or narrow, short soles and/or unique sewing lines and/or various colours and/or special material compositions etc., this type of footwear is mainly for satisfying fashion needs.

- Cleaning and care

By care, we mean cleaning the footwear of dirt, treating the colour and the uppers with various cleaning agents, improving their exterior aspect, regeneration and preparation of the footwear for renewed use. Occasionally, the purpose is to also maintain and improve other properties of the footwear.

  • Leather (natural grain) – dirt from leather uppers can be removed with a soft cloth, a soft brush, while more persistent types of dirt can be removed with a leather eraser. The shoes must be dry in both cases. Apply a thin coat of shoe polish of identical colour to the shoes when the uppers are dry and clean, then shine the shoes after a few minutes. Occasionally, you can also use a self-polishing silicone agent. Never clean the shoes when they are wet or with water!
  • Coated leather – remove mild dirt from it with a soft cloth, then treat it with care products recommended for this type of material!
  • Valour or nubuck leather – remove mild dirt from it with a soft brush! You can make the surface look uniform with a rubber shoe brush (only brush in a single direction!). Remove more persistent types of dirt with a leather eraser. Afterwards, we recommend using a velour or nubuck cleaning sponge on the shoes. Finally, apply a uniform velour - nubuck spray in the colour of the shoes’ uppers/ or an uncoloured one!

    Never clean velour or nubuck leather shoes when they are wet or with water! Do not use shoe polish!

  • Greasy leather – clean in accordance with the instructions for velour leather, care with greasy leather shoe polish or leather grease.
  • Patent leather – remove dirt with a soft brush or a mildly damp, soft cloth, then polish with a soft cloth after drying. You can use a patent leather shoe polish, but do not use simple shoe polish!
  • Artificial leather – remove dirt with a cloth dampened with warm, clean water, clean the shoes away from radiating heat, then polish them with a soft cloth. You can use shampoo recommended for artificial leather in accordance with the instruction for use. Do not use shoe polish!
  • Textile – remove dust and dirt with a soft brush – used only for this purpose! For more persistent types of dirt, we recommend using a special textile shampoo, in accordance with the instructions for use.
  • Composite uppers - made of several materials: perform cleaning and care recommended for the respective parts, taking care that the materials currently not being cleaned are not blemished. If the materials differ greatly from each other, you can use a shampoo developed and recommended for shoes in accordance with the instructions for use.
  • Cleaning the uppers of footwear with GORE-TEX or similar membranes is recommended with the products recommended for this purpose by the manufacturer.
  • Linings – if necessary, clean the linings in accordance with the instructions provided for the uppers, based on the linings’ materials indicated on the label.
  • Soles – clean soles with a stiff-haired brush when dry! If the soles are still not clean, wipe them with a wet cloth, but be careful not to blemish the uppers!

- A few tips and warnings

Always remember the following, as not doing so can result in damaging the shoes!

  • The shoes available in our store are not water resistant - with the exception of ones which are specifically marked as water resistant. Shoes with nubuck, velour and textile uppers are especially not water resistant!
  • Always wear socks when wearing shoes with closed uppers!
  • Closing elements, such as laces, Velcro, clamps, etc., must be fixed or undone each time you put on or take off the shoes, otherwise, their shells can be damaged.
  • Fix closing elements so that your soles have just a minimal space for moving, in order to prevent any damage to the lining.
  • When putting on the shoes, use a shoehorn.
  • After use, use shoe trees for your shoes, or fill out their uppers with paper, so the creases from bending get smoothed out.
  • Dry the wet footwear - filled with shoe trees or paper - in a well-ventilated place, away from radiating heat.
  • It is crucial to wear different footwear each day, if possible. Even feet not prone to sweating produce perspiration, which is absorbed by the lining (or the leather upper part of shoes without lining). The shoes must be able to release the sweat, so they must be ventilated. Otherwise, the materials will deteriorate prematurely.
  • Embroidered parts are especially sensitive!
  • Always wear weather-appropriate shoes!
  • If the footwear suffers a small defect, have it repaired immediately, because this way, you can prevent ruining the shoes.

Instructions for Use of Formula 1 products

- Introduction

When shopping, it is especially important to choose the items of clothing appropriate for their purpose (sports, casual), or the right sport, taking into account the items’ use.

Not taking the above into account may lead to improper use, as well as premature wear, so please read the information on the labels (sewed-in labels and tags), and ask for our advice before shopping!

- Labelling and material composition

In case of clothing items, you can find the necessary information in two places: on the sewn-in label and on the tag (and for certain products, on the packaging, if authorized).

The following information can be found on the products:

  • The product’s material composition
  • Size indication
  • Symbols for use
  • Product name
  • Identification marking (an item number in addition to the brand name)

- Information on the sewn-in label

Material composition:

  • Cotton
  • Viscose
  • Polyester
  • Polyamide
  • Acrylic
  • Wool
  • Elastane
  • Duck down
  • Duck feather

Size indication:

Please, inspect the sizes indicated on the product carefully, because there are certain to be some that you already know. Our products usually bear the size indications of several countries:

For example:

US (United States of America): L CAN (Canada): G D (Germany): 40 UK (United Kingdom): 14 F (France): 42 E (Spain): 44 I (Italy): 44

The listed feminine size indications cover the same anatomical size, based on the size indications of various countries. This is also the case for our masculine products. Our sales personnel can offer additional information in this area as well.

Sewn-in symbols for use:

Sewn-in symbols for use:

The numbers indicated on the washing symbol represent the maximum allowed washing temperature. The hand symbol only allows manual washing, at a maximum temperature of 40 °C. There are higher washing temperatures in addition to those indicated, but in most cases, our products must be washed at the temperatures indicated as per the above. A single line under the symbol means the product requires delicate handling, a double line means it needs extra delicate handling. Symbols not underlined but bearing a washing temperature means they need the usual mechanical procedure.

Symbols for whitening:

Symbols for whitening:

The triangle with the Cl (chlorine) symbol in it means the product may be whitened with chlorine.

Symbols for ironing:

The allowed ironing temperature is indicated with one, two or three dots.

  • One dot means an ironing temperature of 110 °C, which can be considered the usual ironing temperature for sensitive synthetic fabrics.
  • Two dots mean an ironing temperature of 150 °C.
  • Three dots mean an ironing temperature of 200 °C.

Never experiment with the ironing temperature, because the manufacturer may provide an ironing temperature that is lower than usual because of some design features (e.g., heat-sensitive colouring, use of elastic threads, etc.), in order to avoid damaging the materials.

Symbols for chemical cleaning:

Symbols for chemical cleaning:

  • The “A” symbol means all usual solvents used in chemical cleaning may be used.
  • The “P” symbol means perchloroethylene and other appropriate solvents may be used.
  • The “F” symbol means fluoride and benzene may be used.

Underlining of dry-cleaning markings is a strict limitation of the cleaning process in terms of water addition, drying temperature, and mechanical operations. Self-service laundry cleaning is not allowed in these cases.

Symbols for drying:

Symbols for drying:

One dot in the symbol means a lower drying temperature, while two dots mean a higher drying temperature.

Important: Symbols that are crossed out always mean interdictions, as in types of treatment that are not allowed.

- Written Instructions for Use and Handling

  • Coloured products (with the exception of pastel colours) are recommended to be washed separately, as this allows the colouring on the materials’ surfaces to “come off” without discolouring other clothes.
  • Denim trousers that are easily discoloured (and other similar product types) must always be washed separately, inside out.
  • Products with flocked backs must not be washed inside out, because short elemental threads that may come off can easily stick to other clothes washed together with these products.
  • Crocheted products become tighter when washed, so it is recommended to wash them before wearing them for the first time.
  • Was bathing suits with clean water first after bathing in the sea or thermal waters, then wash them at home with liquid fine fabric detergent. Remove sunscreen with a fine fabric detergent. Never dry bathing suits under the hot sun, and never leave them wrapped in a towel for a long time. Concrete can damage the bathing suits’ material. Always sit or lay on a towel.
  • Wash down jackets (if washable) in accordance with the sewn-in symbols for use. Always dry them laid out, at room temperature, away from radiating heat. During drying, it is necessary to flip the product over and loosen up the down several times. If the lockstitch meant to prohibit the movement of the down is dense, the down may not get properly loosened up by shaking. If this is the case, it must be “ground through” within the jacket. In certain cases, this may prove to require a lot of effort, but this will ensure the jacket regains its original look.
  • Always wash products with zippers and Velcro with the zipper or Velcro pulled up, because this can prevent premature wear, as well as these elements damaging other parts of the product.
  • Due to their material composition and fabric structure, as well as to prevent deformation, several pullovers may only be dried laid out, adjusted to form. Such pullovers are ones made of pure wool, pure cotton, but composite, wool-acrylic pullovers are also recommended to be dried this way.
  • Only use wool detergent to wash woollen and wool-type products!
  • Pressed patterns must not be ironed!
  • Cotton-polyester composite shirts and pullovers have a natural tendency for pilling. You can delay the appearance and severeness of pilling by washing these products inside out, then ironing them after drying.
  • Fleece wear must be treated after washing, by brushing them softly in the direction of their threading after washing, while still wet. This way, the products will maintain their original form and look.

- IMPORTANT things to know

  • Handle all products in accordance with the sewn-in handling instructions and the written instructions! Otherwise, you can damage the product, which can result in limiting or losing your warranty rights.
  • No concentrated detergents or solvents must come into contact with the products!
  • When it comes to products with colour combinations or decorated with braids, take extra care, and only use colour-friendly delicate detergents to ensure that the darker colours do not discolour the lighter ones.
  • Most of today’s clothing products are easy to handle, including to wash, so soaking them is usually not necessary. However, if you feel that the products are dirtier, we recommend pre-washing them. During soaking – especially if the products are kept in the washing solution for too long –, they can get stained.

Ferrari watch warranty

2 years limited international warranty for Scuderia Ferrari Wristwatch

Scuderia Ferrari was always proud of their passion for competition and their Italian roots. The Scuderia Ferrari Orologi men’s and women’s watch collection holds within itself the passionate excitement and refined style craved by fans of the esteemed racing team. Congratulations for shopping with us!

We are an environmentally friendly company. To save the trees and to not to use too much paper, we have made the information regarding starting, caring for and maintaining the watch, as well as regarding warranty and the service centre available online, at the following link https://repairs.mgiservice.com/ferrari/

Please keep the dated receipt, which also includes the reseller’s name and the watch item number! This document is necessary and essential for handling issues regarding warranty. Please do not discard the product together with communal waste! To protect the environment and human health, please discard the product in a collection bin designated for this purpose, so it can be recycled!*

Warranty repair conditions

The product shall be repaired under warranty by the warranty service centre designated by the brand representation (FansBRANDS), with the product being transmitted to the service centre by the brands representation. Any issues covered by warranty must be signalled to the seller, followed by sending the product to the seller’s address. Our address (send damaged watches back here): FansBRANDS, Hungary, EU, 2600 Vác, Deákvári Fasor 6.

Customer Service Contact: Tel.: + 36 27 300 600 email: sales@fansbrands.com. Sending the product back is the customer’s responsibility, return costs shall be borne by the customer. In addition to the product, the warranty booklet, the invoice or a copy thereof must also be sent to the service centre, as repairs under warranty may only be carried out if these are sent in. What does warranty cover?

The manufacturer’s warranty only covers the watch structure, if the defect is proven to be a factory defect. This shall be verified by the product manufacturer, who shall decide if the structure does indeed have factory defects and not defects due to improper use. The watch structure casing, glass, crown or strap and battery replacement are not covered by warranty. In addition, warranty repairs cannot be claimed if the watch gets broken either. If the watch requires any servicing (battery replacement, strap repairs, etc.), it may only be carried out at the designated warranty service centre (which, in Hungary is FansBRANDS in each and every case), and all repairs carried out at other locations shall result in invalidation of the watch warranty.

If the watch structure suffers damages or gets broken, detailed information regarding its repair is available at the manufacturer’s website, at the following link: https://repairs.mgiservice.com/ferrari

The original English language text is available in the watch box