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Ferrari Shoes

There are two types of people in the world: those who already have Ferrari shoes and those who don't know yet what they are missing...

If you belong to the first category, you know the feeling when your friends ask you "where do you have these cool shoes from?" (you can say you have them from us :)). You know what size, colour and style you want. Don't read any further, jus choose and benefit of the FansBRANDS discounts and gift besides the shoes.

But if you never wore Puma Ferrari shoes yet, we want to exclude any doubts because you can order shoes that fit online too. Write to our customer service under the email: sales@fansbrands.com and we measure the length of your sole. Or take a look under this link at our size table where you can find out how to order the correct size! We know the Ferrari shoes and the questions of Ferrari fans, so if you want to be absolutely sure, write us! If they doesn't fit, we change the shoes for 180 days, we don't run away. We know what you need since we are in the same shoes ;-)

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