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Our email address: sales@fansbrands.com

We will reply within one working day

Phone number

You can contact us by phone during working hours (Monday to Friday), from 9:00 to 16:00 (UTC+2). Please do not send SMS as we cannot receive it, but if by chance we do not answer the phone, we will call you back.

Our phone number is: +44 20 4525 6774


Contact us on WhatsApp! We will reply immediately during working hours. We will also reply to messages outside working hours.


I have not received a confirmation letter

  • First, check the SPAM and PROMOTION folders in your mail client!
  • If you can't find it there, you probably entered the wrong email address.
  • Contact us to correct your email address! In this case, don't forget to identify yourself with something, like your name and shipping address!

Can I track the status of my order?

You can track the status of your order in your account.

To track your parcel, scroll down to delivery methods!

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please contact our customer service in the Contact us section!

You can cancel an order if the order is not yet closed. If your order has been successfully completed and we have sent your parcel by courier, you can only return it.

If you do not receive the parcel, the system will automatically blacklist you, so you can only order later by prepayment. Thank you for your understanding.

I received a faulty product

  • It's rare that for some reason you don't get the product you expected. For example, the product is different from the photo of the product on the website, or the size on the packaging does not match the size on the label.
  • It is also possible that the product was damaged in transit or has a manufacturing defect.
  • In this case, please send a photo to sales@fansbrands.com and we will investigate the order!
  • If, upon preliminary investigation, we deem the complaint to be justified, we will collect the product at our own expense and send you a replacement or refund your money.

Where can I find the invoice?

  • The invoice will be sent to the email address provided at the end of the order
  • Also check your SPAM and promotional folders!

How can I change my order?

Did you realise afterwards that you ordered the wrong size, or would you like to add something to your order, or maybe you didn't manage to choose a gift?

  • Until your order is completed, you can request a change to your order.
  • You can request a change of delivery address by contacting the courier service.
  • You can also send an email, but during working hours on weekdays, it is better to request a change by phone, as it will be processed faster.


What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

Delivery times and costs

Standard shipping normally takes 3-5 days. International shipping times and costs depend on the products and destination (estimated at checkout).

Package tracking

You will find your parcel number in the email sent by the courier service.

  • The courier's customer service team will be able to provide you with the details of the parcel delivery.
  • GLS parcel tracking: click here to check the status of your parcel delivery by entering your parcel number.
  • UPS parcel tracking: click here to check the status of your parcel delivery by entering your parcel number.
  • GLS website, further contacts: click here
  • UPD website, further contacts: click here

My parcel is late

Are you sure you're late? Delivery times are based on working days. Courier services are not available on weekends, public holidays and public holidays.

  • You will find the parcel number in the email you receive from the courier.
  • Use the parcel number to check the status of your parcel on the courier's website: GLS, UPS
  • If it's been several working days since the last update, contact the courier customer service: GLS, UPS
  • You can only track the status of your order on our website, which is closed when the parcel is handed over to the courier service.

How can I change my delivery address?

You can request a change of delivery address at the courier service.

  • IMPORTANT! Please enter your email address and phone number correctly when ordering!
  • Before delivery, the courier service will notify you by email of the expected delivery time.
  • Contact the courier service using one of the contact details in the message.

Can I open the package before I receive it?

  • You cannot unpack the parcel before you receive it.
  • If you are unsure of the contents of the package, if the packaging is damaged or if you have ordered fragile products, please make a video of the unpacking process so that the products are clearly visible!
  • In the event of damage or shortage, the claim will be forwarded to the courier service and the recording can speed up the assessment and help the process to be successful.

What happens if I refuse the parcel?

  • The parcel will be returned to us.
  • If you have made a prepaid purchase, we will initiate a refund with the relevant service provider.
  • In accordance with the law, we will refund the amount less the delivery charge.
  • If the courier service charges you extra for returning the parcel, we will also charge you for that amount, in accordance with the law.
  • In the future, you will only be able to place an order in our shop by paying in advance.

Payment information

Payment methods

You can choose from the following payment options in our store:

  • Bank card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

Details for the bank transfer

EUR currency

  • Beneficiary: Pit Box Kft.
  • Bank name: UniCredit Bank
  • Account number (IBAN): HU62 1091 8001 0000 0121 7111 0064

USD currency

  • Beneficiary: Pit Box Kft.
  • Bank name: UniCredit Bank
  • Account number (IBAN): HU67 1091 8001 0000 0121 7111 0071

Can I buy on credit?

It is not possible to buy on credit in our webshop, but it is possible that if we receive more enquiries, we will introduce some kind of credit facility.

Why can't I pay online?

Typical mistakes when paying online if you have chosen to pay by credit card or PayPal:

  • Make sure you have enough funds in your account!
    Check your spending limits! You may have exceeded your daily limit.
  • If you may have exceeded your spending limit, you will need some kind of approval. This can be done via your bank's phone app. You can ask your bank for details on approval.
  • For PayPal payments, the system will redirect you to the PayPal website. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can simply create one for free.
  • IMPORTANT! If you miss an online payment, the order will fail due to a timeout.

Returns and Refunds

How can I exchange a product?

Follow the steps below if you want to change your product:

  • Return the product.
  • If you want to send us a product, send us a refund.
  • We will send you back the order for the product you want.

When should you return the product to us?

  • If you are not satisfied with the product you received.
  • If you have tried on and the size is not right.
  • If the product has been damaged in transit (to prove this, you will need to take a video of you opening the parcel and inspecting the products you receive).
  • If the product is defective in manufacture, despite having been inspected before dispatching the parcel. This is a warranty problem.
  • It is also a guarantee problem if, despite being used in accordance with the instructions for use, the product is damaged in any way (e.g. the zipper breaks, the stitching comes loose).
  • Damage resulting from misuse of the product that results in the product NOT being returned and will NOT be returned (e.g. worn or broken shoes, torn t-shirt, torn jacket, broken ear mugs, t-shirts washed at inappropriate temperatures - discoloured). Manufacturing defects are very easy to distinguish from non-manufacturing defects, so for these types of defects, DO NOT return anything without prior consultation.

How to return the product to us?

  1. If you don't have it, download the return form! Download it digitally (Adobe Acrobat Reader, fill function) or print it out.
  2. Pack the product with the completed return form (if you filled it out digitally, you can just send it by email)! Wrap the shoebox in something as well.
  3. Please return it to the following address (this should be the recipient): Pit Box Kft. 2600 Vác, Rádi út 1-3.
  4. Under no circumstances should you request a COD service! No COD parcels will be accepted and will be returned to you!

Once we receive the parcel and have checked the condition and reconciled the details as necessary, we will initiate the refund with the financial service providers. The amount will be credited to your account within two weeks, as advised by the bank.

IMPORTANT! If you don't read this, you could get cold feet...

  • If you have any questions or are unsure, contact our customer service! Phone: +44 20 4525 6774
  • Return the gift you received! You can choose a gift again when ordering a replacement product. If you do not return the gift, we cannot refund your money.
  • Be sure to return the product to this address: Pit Box Kft. 2600 Vác, Rádi út 1-3 - (if you send it to the address on the invoice, no one will receive it).
  • We do NOT accept COD parcels! In this case the package will be returned to you.
  • We will only accept returns of products in factory condition with all packaging intact. Dirty, washed, stinky, torn, broken, wrinkled, worn products will NOT be taken back. If you send us something like this, we will send it back to you for an additional shipping charge. If you cancel, you will NOT get a refund!
  • Dirty shoes with dusty soles will NOT be taken back! If you return shoes, please pack the shoe box! We will NOT take back a full shoebox regardless of the contents!
  • The cost of returning the product is the responsibility of the customer and cannot be refunded. Choose the cheapest provider!
  • If you have chosen to pay online, we will refund the value of the returned goods directly to you via the payment platform you have chosen.
  • If you have paid for your order by bank transfer, please provide us with your bank account number and we will refund you the value of the returned goods.
  • The refund will be credited to your account within 14 working days of receipt of the returned goods.

Guarantees and instructions for use

What is the guarantee period?

When it comes to warranty issues, it is also important to be clear about what constitutes good use. We have tried to gather all the relevant information and give it to you in human language, so that you can keep the product you have ordered in good condition for longer and be aware of the warranty. Let's get started!

1 year FansBRANDS® warranty

We offer a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on almost all products in the FansBRANDS® store!

2 year warranty

We offer a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on all watches (Ferrari watches) you find at FansBRANDS®.

What product does it apply to?

Practically everything: shoes, T-shirts, hats, sweaters, trousers, etc., in other words all clothing. Plus accessories: purses, bags, etc. Of course, there are some items that we cannot guarantee: books, perfumes, fragile items (mugs), etc.

In the latter case, we have told you many times that the best solution is to take a video of you opening the parcel on receipt. This is important because, for example, if a fragile product is damaged in transit, this is the only way to prove it. So make a video!

What are the possible warranty problems?

This can be a tricky issue with clothing, but at FansBRANDS® we do our best to ensure that real warranty problems are dealt with properly.

I say real because, of course, many people try (unsuccessfully, of course) to replace products that have been torn apart, washed out - and not handled properly.

The warranty problem is always due to a manufacturer's defect that occurs under normal use. And a manufacturer's defect is one that was present at the time of sale but was not apparent during inspection. Examples include sewing, gluing and material defects.

What are non-warranty problems?

Many people want us to replace products for a variety of reasons, but unfortunately we also encounter many who have broken them through their own fault. In almost all cases, we can tell you what happened to the product because at FansBRANDS® we don't just sell them, we wear and wear them every day and we know exactly what the products are for.

  • Obvious tears or breaks are not a warranty issue.
  • For example, if you wash the product on a different temperature and the colour comes out or the printed logos come off, despite the washing instructions, that is not a warranty problem either.
  • If you do not use the product as intended, this will also invalidate the warranty. For example, our shoes are not designed for playing football or sports - defects resulting from such activities are immediately detectable.

Special cases

There may be extreme cases where some parameters of the product differ from those described. In such cases, we will replace it and pay your shipping costs!

  • When the shoe size does not match the size on the box. We will exchange it!
  • When the picture on the website does not reflect the product received. (Except for products that only show graphics, for example because they are not yet in production)

Damaged packaging when delivered to you by courier?

Damaged packaging when delivered to you by courier?
If the packaging is damaged and you think your order may be incomplete or damaged, DO NOT TAKE THE PACKAGE!

If you do take it, make a video of the resolution! This is the only way to prove your case in case of a mistake.

Guarantee for fragile products

IMPORTANT! In the case of fragile products, regardless of the packaging, ALWAYS MAKE A VIDEO of the opening of the packaging and inspection of the product. Otherwise, you cannot prove that the product was damaged after delivery! We cannot accept pictures.

180 days return

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Puma Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW cipők használati útmutatója

- Footwear labelling

We try to display as much information as possible about each shoe on the website. You'll also find details on the shoe box.The label inside the footwear will include the following information:

  • The place of origin - where the shoe was specifically manufactured.
  • Model number - or the product code of the shoe, which you will also find on the website.
  • Size number - in UK (UK), EUR (European), US (US) sizes and centimetres is usually given, as shown in our size chart and size selector.

- Main materials of the shoe

The material of the shoes available in the FansBRANDS® webshop is mainly leatherette or textile. Of course, you can also find leather, suede leather shoes and it is not excluded that higher quality and more expensive shoes will also appear on our website. If you can't find any information about a specific product, please feel free to contact us by phone or email!


Lining and topsole lining


Leather (natural leather)

Coated leather


Other material

- Purpose of the footwear

Not all shoes can be used for every situation. For example, you will not use our Drift Cat shoes for hiking. And in general, none of the shoes we have are suitable for playing football! Defects resulting from improper use are not covered by warranty, so pay special attention to this! At FansBRANDS® you will find the following types:

  • Sports footwear, handball shoes, thermals: for indoor use only.
  • Sports footwear, basketball shoes, thermals: for indoor use only
  • Sports footwear, running shoes: can be used outdoors and indoors.
  • Sports footwear, running shoes, outdoor: for use outdoors.
  • Sports footwear, tennis shoes: can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Sports footwear, fitness shoes: for indoor use only
  • Sports footwear, hiking shoes: to be used when hiking, trekking
  • Recreational footwear: footwear not intended for regular wear, but intended for leisure - and not
    for sports activities of a competitive nature: the material composition, the upper design, the upper model construction, the lower part structure, except in winter weather conditions, are specifically designed for active physical activity.
  • Spring/autumn regular wear footwear: footwear which, with the exception of winter weather conditions, is suitable for prolonged wear
  • Summer regular wear footwear: footwear whose materials and construction allow the foot to breathe to a greater extent
  • Slippers: footwear, usually consisting only of a headpiece or straps, suitable mainly for occasional wear at home or on the beach, possibly fashion footwear.
  • Extreme fashion footwear: footwear with a special construction and/or a narrow-short sole and/or a specific cut and/or a very different colour and/or a special material composition, etc., primarily designed to meet fashion requirements

- Cleaning, care

Care means the cleaning of footwear to remove impurities, the treatment of the colour and upper with various products, the improvement of the appearance, the regeneration and the preparation of footwear for repeated use. Sometimes the treatment is also intended to preserve or improve other characteristics of the footwear.

  • From leather uppers (with natural grain), remove light dirt with a soft cloth and soft-bristled brush, and heavier dirt with a leather eraser, both in dry condition. Apply a thin layer of shoe polish of the same colour as the leather, possibly colourless, to the clean and dry surface, then polish after a few minutes. A silicone self-shine may be used as appropriate. Never clean leather footwear when wet or with water!
  • Remove light dirt from coated leather uppers with a soft cloth and then treat with a care product recommended for this material.
  • Remove light dirt from suede or nubuck leather uppers with a soft bristle brush. You can even the surface with a rubber shoe brush (pull in one direction only). Heavier dirt can be removed with a leather eraser. It is then advisable to rub the footwear with a suede - nubuck cleaning sponge. Finally, spray the entire upper evenly with a velour nubuck spray of the same colour as the upper!
  • Oily leather: cleaning as described for suede leather, with a shoe polish or grease
  • Patent leather: use a soft bristle brush or a slightly damp soft cloth to remove dirt, after drying, use a soft cloth to polish. You can use a patent leather cleaner, but do not use shoe polish!
  • Synthetic leather: wipe off the dirt with a lukewarm cloth dampened with clean water, dry away from radiant heat, then buff with a soft cloth! You can also use the shampoo recommended for artificial leather as described in the instructions for use. Do not use shoe polish!
  • Textile: use a soft-bristled brush - used only for this purpose - to remove dust and dirt. For heavier soiling, we recommend using a special textile cleaning shampoo, following the instructions for use.
  • Combined - multi-fabric - uppers: clean and care for the fabric as recommended, taking care not to contaminate the part of the fabric not being cleaned. If the materials are very different, you can use a shampoo formulated and recommended for shoes, as described in the care instructions.
  • When caring for the uppers of footwear with GORE-TEX or similar membranes, use only the products recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Linings: if it is necessary to clean linings, do so according to the label material, as described in the upper materials.
  • Soles: clean with a stiff brush when dry! If it remains soiled, it can be wiped off with a damp cloth, but be careful not to get the uppers dirty!

- Some advice and warnings

Do not ignore the following advice, as it may damage the shoe!

  • Except where specifically indicated, the footwear we sell cannot be expected to be waterproof. Footwear with nubuck, suede and textile uppers are specifically not waterproof!
  • Wear closed-toe footwear with socks only!
  • Always loosen or fasten the fastenings (laces, velcro, buckles, etc.) when taking off or putting on, as the bark may be damaged.
  • Tighten the fasteners so that there is minimal movement of the heel in the shoe to avoid damage to the lining.
  • When putting on the footwear, use a shoehorn!
  • After use, shine the shoe or stuff the head with paper to smooth out the creases!
  • Dry damp footwear - either shamped or stuffed - in a ventilated place away from radiant heat.
  • It is very important to change your footwear daily if possible! Non-sweaty feet also produce sweat, which is absorbed by the lining (the flesh side of the upper skin in the case of unlined footwear). It needs to be able to release this, so you need to rest and ventilate the footwear. Otherwise the materials will deteriorate prematurely.
  • Embroidered parts are highly fragile!
  • Wear footwear suitable for the weather!
  • If the footwear develops a minor defect, have it repaired immediately to prevent possible damage!

Formula 1 products user guide

- User guide introduction

When making a purchase, it is particularly important to choose clothing products that are suitable for the purpose of use (sport, leisure) and for the sport in question, taking into account the demands of the sport.

Ignoring this can lead to misuse and premature wear, so please read the information on the labels (sewn-in and hangtags) carefully before buying and seek our advice.

- Labelling and material composition

For clothing products, you will find the information you need in two places: on the sewn-in label and on the hangtag (and, for some products, on the packaging where allowed).

The information on the product is as follows:

  • the raw material composition of the product
  • size indication
  • treatment symbol
    the name of the product
  • identification mark (which is an article number in addition to the brand name)

- Information on the sewn-in label

Raw material composition

Size indication:

Please study the size numbers on the product carefully, as there are bound to be some that you are familiar with. We use size markings from several countries for our products.

For example:

US (United States): L, CAN (Canada): G, D (German): 40, UK (United Kingdom): 14, F (French): 42, E (Spanish): 44, I (Italian): 44

The women's size designations listed cover the same anatomical size, based on different countries' size designations. The same applies to our men's products. Our sales staff can also provide more information on this.

Embedded treatment symbols:

The numbers inscribed in the washing symbol indicate the maximum permissible temperature for wet treatment. The hand symbol allows only hand washing with a maximum temperature of 40 C°. In addition to the ones indicated, there are also higher washing temperatures, but most of our products can be washed at temperatures corresponding to the above. One underline below the symbol indicates gentle treatment, two underlines next to each other indicate very gentle treatment. A mark without underlining but with a washing temperature indicates a normal mechanical treatment.

Bleaching indications:

The triangle with the Cl symbol (chlorine) indicates that chlorine bleaching is allowed.

Indications for ironing:

The permitted ironing temperature is indicated by one, two or three dots.

  • One dot indicates an ironing temperature of 110 °C, which is considered the normal ironing temperature for sensitive synthetic fabrics.
  • Two dots indicate an ironing temperature of 150 C°.
  • Three dots allow an ironing temperature of 200 C°.

Never experiment with the ironing temperature, as it is possible that due to some finishing (e.g. heat-sensitive dyes, use of elastic fibres, etc.) the manufacturer may specify a lower temperature than usual to avoid damaging the material.

Indications concerning dry cleaning:

  • In the case of the letter "A", all common solvents used in dry cleaning may be used.
  • Perchloroethylene and other suitable solvents may be used for the "P" mark.
  • The letter 'F' indicates the use of fluorine and petrol.

The underlining of the dry-cleaning indications indicates a strict limitation of the cleaning procedure in terms of water addition, drying temperature and mechanical operations. Self-service laundry cleaning is not allowed in these cases.

Indications concerning drying:

One dot in the symbol indicates a lower drying temperature, two dots indicate a higher drying temperature.

Important: The crossed-out symbols always indicate a prohibition, i.e. a treatment that is not permitted.

- Text user manual

  • It is advisable to wash coloured products (except pastel colours) separately when prewashing, so that any excess dye which may have 'spilled' onto the surface of the fabric is removed without discolouring the fabric when washed with other items.
  • Linen trousers (and other similar types of products) with a colour-leaving finish should always be washed separately, in the upturned state.
  • However, backed products which have been frayed should not be washed inside out, as any short elementary fibres which may escape may adhere to the surface of other garments washed together.
  • The looping of products with a looped surface is reduced by washing and it is therefore recommended to wash them before the first pick-up.
  • Immediately after swimming in the sea or in thermal water, rinse the swimsuit in clean running water and then wash it at home with a liquid detergent. Remove sunscreens with a mild detergent. Never dry your swimsuit in the sun or leave it wrapped in a towel for long periods of time! Concrete surfaces can damage the swimsuit fabric. Always sit or lie on a towel!
  • Wash your feathered bathrobe (if washable) according to the sewn-in treatment symbol! Always dry at room temperature, away from radiant heat and lying flat. During drying, the product must be turned over several times and the feather loosened. If the quilting is dense to prevent the feather from migrating, shaking the feather may not loosen it sufficiently, in which case the feather in the flights must be gently 'rubbed through'. This may require considerable physical work, but it will restore the coat to its original appearance.
  • Always wash products with a drawstring or Velcro fastener closed to prevent premature wear and damage to other parts of the product by the fasteners.
    Depending on the composition of the raw material and the fabric structure, many sweaters can only be dried flat and true to shape to avoid deformation. For example, pure wool, pure cotton sweaters, but it is also advisable to dry wool-acrylic blended sweaters in this way.
  • For washing wool and wool-type products, use only wool detergent.
  • Printed patterns cannot be ironed!
  • Cotton-polyester blended T-shirts and sweaters are naturally prone to balling. To delay the appearance of pilling and to reduce the extent of it, wash the shirt back to back (inside out) and then iron it smooth after drying.
  • The surface of products made of upholstery fabric shall be smoothed after washing, while still wet, by light brushing in accordance with the direction of the fibres. In this way the product will retain its original surface for a long time.

- IMPORTANT information

  • All products must be handled in accordance with the sewn-in handling marks and the instructions in the text. Any other handling may damage the product and may result in the limitation or loss of your warranty rights.
  • Do not apply detergents or rinsing agents to the product in concentrated form!
  • Be particularly careful when using products with colour combinations or decorated with pastels, and use a gentle detergent to avoid the darker colours discolouring the lighter ones.
  • Most of today's clothing products are easy to handle, including washing, so soaking is usually unnecessary. If you do feel that the product is more contaminated, pre-wash it! Soaking, especially if the product has been in the washing solution for too long, may result in staining.

Ferrari watch warranty

Scuderia Ferrari Watch 2 years limited international warranty

Scuderia Ferrari has always been proud of both its passion for racing and its Italian roots. The Scuderia Ferrari Orologi collection of men's and women's watches encapsulates the passionate excitement and sophisticated style that fans of the revered team around the world crave. Congratulations on your purchase.

We are an environmentally friendly company. To protect the trees and avoid using a lot of paper, we have made information on watch installation, care and maintenance, warranty and service centre available online at https://repairs.mgiservice.com/ferrari/

Please keep the dated invoice with the name of the reseller and the article number of the watch! This document is necessary and indispensable for warranty administration. Please do not throw the product in the household waste! In order to protect the environment and human health, please place it in a designated collection point for proper recycling!*

Terms and conditions for warranty repairs

The warranty repair of the products within the warranty period will be carried out by the warranty service designated by the dealership (FansBRANDS®), to which the product will be sent by the dealership. Any warranty problem should be addressed to the seller for consultation and the product returned to the seller's address. FansBRANDS®, 2600 Vác, Rádi út 1-3 (Pit Box Kft.).

Customer service: tel.: +44 20 4525 6774 email: sales@fansbrands.com. The return of the product is the responsibility and cost of the consumer. In addition to the product, please send the warranty booklet and the invoice or a copy of it to the service centre, as warranty repairs can only be carried out if you have these documents. What is covered by the warranty?

The manufacturer's warranty only covers the watch movement if it can be proven that the watch is defective. The manufacturer of the product will investigate and decide whether the movement is indeed defective or whether it has been caused by misuse. Damage to the watch movement case, crystal, winding crown or strap, or battery replacement are not covered by the warranty. In addition, if the watch is broken, it is not eligible for warranty repair. Any repair work on the watch (battery replacement, strap repair, etc.) must be carried out only by the designated warranty service (which in Hungary is always carried out by FansBRANDS®), any repair work carried out elsewhere will invalidate the warranty.

If the structure of the watch is damaged or deteriorated, detailed information on how to repair it can be found on the manufacturer's website, which can be accessed at the following link: https://repairs.mgiservice.com/ferrari/

Still looking for answers?

If the answers you're looking for aren't in our FAQ, please send us an email by completing the form below.