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Product returns

180-day product return guarantee: you practically have a half year to send back the products you’ve ordered.

For example, if you’ve ordered a Formula 1 gift for someone, we recommend you place the order well in advance, because it can run out of stock at any moment. And if the person doesn’t like the gift, you can send it back within 180 days, and we will refund its price to use it to buy any other product (or any other size or type). Isn’t it great?

Download return form Product return online

How can I exchange a product?

If you would like a different product, follow the steps below:

  • 1) Send the product back!
  • 2) The value of your order is credited to your account. If you do not have a FansBRANDS account, we will create one for You.
  • 3) Place an order for the product you want to purchase! Use the amount credited to your account!

If there is anything you don’t understand, call our customer service or continue reading for more details! Our phone number is:
+1 (213)45-409-57

When to send back products?

  • If you are not satisfied with the products received in person, after having held them in your hands.
  • If you’ve tried them on and the size doesn’t fit
  • If the product was damaged during delivery (to prove this, you must make a video of opening the product package, which shows you inspecting the delivered product)
  • If the product has a manufacturing defect - in spite of its inspection prior to shipping. This constitutes a warranty problem.
  • Another warranty problem is when the product suffers some sort of change during appropriate use according to the manual (e.g.: the zipper breaks, seams come apart)
  • We CANNOT and WILL NOT take back products damaged due to inappropriate use (for example: worn-out or broken-in shoes, ripped shirts, jackets, mugs with broken handles, shirt washed at inappropriate temperatures leading to discoloration). Manufacturing defects are very easily distinguishable from non-manufacturing defects, so you DO NOT want to send products back for such defects before consulting us in advance.

How to return the products to us?

  1. If you don’t have a product return form, download one!! Fill it out digitally (Adobe Acrobat Reader, fill-out feature) or in printed form.
  2. Parcel up the product together with the filled-out product return form (if you filled it out digitally, then you can send it to us via email)! Shoeboxes must also be parcelled up.
  3. Go to the nearest post office and request that smaller items (shirts, keychains), as well as everything that can fit into a small or large bubble wrap envelope be sent as letters! DO NOT return products via registered mail, OR priority mail! Choose the service that is cheapest or works best for You. Post office shipping is usually the cheapest option for larger boxes (e.g., shoeboxes) as well. We will not reimburse you for the shipping costs of product returns.
  4. Return products to the following address (this will be the recipient): Pit Box Kft. EU, Hungary, Vac, 2600 Radi road 1-3.
  5. Never request payment-on-delivery services! We refuse reception of any payment-on-delivery packages; they will be returned to you!

As soon as we receive the package and verify its contents, and also agreed upon the details with you, if necessary, we will start the refund process at the financial institutions. You will receive the amount on the invoice - based on the bank’s information - within two weeks.

If you return a pair of shoes, please parcel up the shoes’ original shoebox!

Please parcel up the shoes’ original shoebox! If you do not, then we will refuse reception of the package, and it will be returned to you! We can’t do anything with a box that’s been ripped apart then glued and stuck back together. We won’t be able to sell it, which is damaging to us. You wouldn’t like to receive your shoes in a ripped box either...

This doesn’t only apply to shoes, but to all products that come in their original boxes. This does not apply to grey bags.

IMPORTANT! If you do not read this, you might be in for a doozy...

  • If you have any questions or doubts, contact our customer service! Phone no.: +1 (213) 45-409-57
  • Please also send back the gift you received! You can select a new gift when ordering the replacement product. If you don’t send the gift back, we cannot reimburse you.
  • Please be sure to return products to this address: Pit Box Kft. EU, Hungary, Vac, 2600 Radi road 1-3. – (if you send it to the address on the invoice, it won’t be received)
  • We refuse reception of any payment-on-delivery packages! In this case, the product will be returned to you.
  • We will only take back products in factory condition, with their undamaged packaging. We REFUSE reception of any products that are dirty, washed, odorous, ripped, broken, wrinkled, worn out. If you send anything back in this condition, we will send it back to you, and you must bear the delivery costs. You WILL NOT be reimbursed even if you give them up!
  • We REFUSE reception of shoes with dirty, dusty soles! If you return a pair of shoes, please parcel up the shoebox! We REFUSE reception of shoeboxes that have been ripped and stuck back together, regardless of their contents!
  • The costs of product returns will be borne by the customer; we cannot refund such costs. Choose the cheapest service provider!
  • If you paid for your order online, we will give You the refund for the returned product directly via the specified payment platform.
  • If you paid for your order on delivery or in advance via bank transfer, then please give us your bank account number, where we will give you the refund for the returned product.
  • Refunds will be credited to your account within 14 days following reception of the returned products.

Product return form

If you want to return your product to us, please fill in the form below!