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Everything about FansBRANDS

Get to know one of the world’s largest Formula 1 online shops and the team behind it!

Official company information

Our motto: “Bring the world of Formula 1 together!”

Formula 1 and FansBRANDS were created for the fans, and they are were they are thanks to them. You are also a part of the community thanks to which FansBRANDS has grown into one of the world’s defining F1 online shops.

Specifically for this reason, we put the fans front and centre, and we develop all of our services so that they, meaning You, get the very best. Here, we don’t just dress you up in the latest Formula 1 fashion from head to toe, because if you keep your eyes open, you can be part of a real F1 community.

Our Story - Milestones - Goals

  • 2011 - Pit Box Kft.

    The story of FansBRANDS starts in 2011, one of Formula 1’s best periods, when the entire world had F1 fever. This is when Pit Box Kft. was created. We have introduced ourselves at the Monaco Grand Prix, then moving on to nearby locations. By the end of the year, we started playing around with the idea of opening an online shop.

  • 2012 - Duna Plaza - F1BOX - forma1-box.hu

    F1BOX started its journey to woo the fans both online and offline. But our progress didn’t stop here, as pretty soon, we needed a larger warehouse...

  • 2017 - Vác - Formula1 BRANDS

    We moved to Vác, where we managed to create a regular Formula 1 empire. But why did we decide to change the name F1BOX? We started looking towards the international market, because today, an online shop can make deliveries all over the world and we would have liked that it be clear to people from the start what we do. This is how we came up with the name Formula 1 Brands. But this wasn’t really the one either, so pretty soon, there came a new change...

  • 2019 - new era - FansBRANDS

    We’re all set! A new online shop, a new name and new goals. We’ve started the international shops, our Facebook and Instagram pages, our VIP Membership programme, OnlineWallet and other extras. No more changes, only evolution from here on. Evolution because we want to give all Formula 1 fans what they want.

  • 2021 - Closing our showroom

    We modernised our warehouse management, which meant that we have outsourced our warehouse logistics to a professional company, which can store many more products, thus increasing our own storage capacity as well. At the same time, we closed our showroom and added new services to our online shop, so you can place orders online even more comfortably.

  • 2022 - Relocating our office

    Our new address, where we also receive any products that got sent back: 2600 Vác, Rádi út 1-3. We are expanding our team, our office, and our product range. Each day, our online shop grows with more products, which are stored in our warehouse in Hungary, so they are ready to be delivered instantly.

  • Our goal

    What else could be the goal of a company dealing with Formula 1 than to conquer the hearts of the world’s F1 fans? We will be the largest store, and our brand will be right next to NASA, Apple and Amazon. This is our vision, and this is the only direction we can take. The question is, are you with us?

The FansBRANDS team

Okay, but who are the people behind the curtains? The team changes sometimes, but it mostly just gets bigger. We work each day with maximum effort, so we can provide the best. Here, work does not stop after 4 PM, or on the weekends. Our lives revolve around Formula 1...

Chertes Levente

FansBRANDS® CEO and owner

Chertes Levente

Chertesné Szőcs Melinda

Sales operator

Chertesné Szőcs Melinda

Bereczkiné Incze Melinda

Sales manager

Bereczkiné Incze Melinda

Lázár Dániel

Webshop manager

Lázár Dániel

Tóth Krisztián Márk

F1 news coordinator

Tóth Krisztián Márk

Jancsovics Tamás

FansBRANDS website developer

Jancsovics Tamás

What the fans think of us

We never hide: rate us any time, any place. In fact, when we get the change, we always ask everyone to rate us, and write to us if they ever encounter any problems. We can only make changes and progress if pay attention to the critiques ;-)

The ratings below weren’t made up by us, you can find each one at the official source. And many more ;-) There’s no way so many people can be wrong...

You can also write about us, or read even more opinions at the following channels:

Free delivery

In Hungary, we deliver the orders of each and every F1 fan for free. Of course, there may be exceptions, but it’s not too shabby either way.

180-day cashback

If you are not satisfied with the product you ordered, or the size doesn’t fit the person receiving the product as a gift, you have an entire half year to send it back, so there are no problems.

Gifts with each and every order

We update our gifts each year, and we never forget to add them to every order. You also have to chance to receive some of our bigger gifts on occasion. Pay attention to the newsletter.

Prize competitions

From time to time, we also organise prize competitions, where you can wing tickets to the Hungaroring, between 50 to 100.000 HUF, and other valuable stuff. If you don’t want to miss out, subscribe to our newsletter!

Manufacturer’s warranty

It’s important to mention, that when it comes to Formula 1 products, the warranty is provided by the manufacturers themselves. Quality is not a joke here, and this is something that they know very well.

Online Wallet compatibility

We were among the first of Hungary’s correct online shops, which is the best for our customers, since everyone can save thousands of forints for each order! If you don’t have an Online Wallet yet, register at this link and we will give You 5.000 HUF!

VIP Membership

Here at FansBRANDS, we take loyalty seriously: our returning customers have the option to get a VIP Membership, with which they can benefit from an extra 10% discount for almost all of our products.

Newsletter and race notifications

We send out our best offers exclusively via newsletter. We’re not joking! You can sample our best gifts from here. Not least, you won’t miss any Formula 1 races either, because we will notify you of them.

Orders by phone

If you’re still unsure, give us a call and we will help you place your order (we provide support in Hungarian, English and Romanian)! You will need an email address, because notifications will be sent there...

Worldwide delivery

Even if you happen to be on the other side of the world, that’s no reason for us to panic: You’ll be the one who’s surprised when the courier is knocking at your door with your order the next day.

10.000 Formula 1 products in our warehouse

If I want to sum up what you can find in our store and on our website in one word, then it’s EVERYTHING FORMULA 1! In a few more words, I’d say that we are at the disposal of each and every Formula 1 fan with a product range featuring several thousands of products. We receive our products straight from the manufacturer’s workshop in London. Everything is authentic and under warranty. We also follow the changes in Formula 1, if a new team or competitor comes on the field, or if someone switches teams, then their fan products always appear first in our store.

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We are at your disposal on several channels, if you’re interested

FansBRANDS phone number

Give us a call at +36 27 300 600! We can help you with picking clothing sizes, placing orders, warranties. We await the calls of Formula 1 fans from 9 AM to 4 PM (UTC+2).

FansBRANDS email

If the answer can wait, or we cannot answer the phone for some reason, or if it’s the weekend, you can write us an email and we’ll answer it within 1 workday. Sometimes, letters received from citromail or freemail go into the spam folder, so please use GMAIL!

FansBRANDS Facebook page

You can also send us messages on Facebook. We are happy to answer you there as well, because we know that’s more convenient for some. We are always making efforts to be present in all areas, awaiting the questions of the Formula 1 community with open arms, anywhere.

FansBRANDS WhatsApp contact

In 2022, we also introduced WhatsApp as a new service, where you can contact us easily on your mobile phone, as well as your desktop computer. We will answer your questions almost immediately during working hours.

Official information about FansBRANDS

Feel free to do a background check on us, if you want to make sure we’re a surefire company. We don’t hide any information from the fans. Finally, here is the official FansBRANDS company information:

  • Store name: FansBRANDS - previously F1BOX and Formula1 Brands
  • Company name: Pit Box Kft. - this name will appear on your invoice as well
  • Company headquarters: Hungary, 2600 Vác, Rózsa utca 3/A 1. emelet 2. ajtó 1. em.
  • Main activity: 4771. Retail sale of clothing in specialised stores
  • Share capital: 3.000.000 HUF
  • Net sales revenue (2019): 187.095.008 HUF (566.063 EUR)
  • Net sales revenue (2020): 235.510.008 HUF (666.494 EUR)
  • Net sales revenue (2021): 294.360.992 HUF (797.726 EUR)
  • Net sales revenue (2022): 569.129.000 HUF (1.497.708 EUR)
  • Company showroom: Closed since 2021, only online shopping available
  • European tax exempt no.: HU23163885
  • Commercial registry number: 13-09-144768
  • Date of establishment: 15/02/2011
  • Date of registration at the Pest Company Registry: 16/02/2011
  • Central phone number: +36 27 300 600
  • Bank transfer data:
    • Bank name: CIB Bank
    • Account number for transfers in Hungary: 10700323-68451437-51200002
    • Account number for foreign transfers (IBAN): HU70107003236845143751200002


Over the years, we have put several outside agencies and companies to the test. Unfortunately, the best is not good enough for us. Luckily, however, there are those who help us reach our goals. Of course, this does not mean that if there is a decline in quality, we don’t find anyone else, so we would like to applaud them here as well: thank you and we wish to have a successful cooperation in the future as well!


FansBRANDS is a top NETMIX VIP client. If we’re talking about website development or online marketing, then we only use the services of this company, because they put huge amounts of energy into getting to precisely know our way of thinking and our goals.

GLS logo

In Hungary, our orders are delivered by GLS. GLS is the largest and the fastest. It is, of course, more expensive than the others, but we think that each and every Formula 1 fan deserves to receive their order the next day.

UPS logó

UPS is the big brother of GLS: they offer next-day shipping anywhere in the world. And us, well, we expect to receive exclusive services for such exclusive products.

Ace Telecom logó

Pest county’s defining internet and phone service provider. It’s important to mention this, because communication with our followers would not be as smooth without a stable connection, which just will not do.