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Video: The 2024 McLaren has SPOKEN!

Video: The 2024 McLaren has SPOKEN!

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

15 days before its official debut, McLaren has unveiled its weapon for the 2024 season, the MCL38.

After the hard work of winter and the hustle in the factory, the first official engine start is a great joy in the life of every team. Now it was McLaren's turn, who shared a video of it on their X channel. Both the fans and the management of the team, racing in papaya colors, expect them to step up as the main challenger to Red Bull Racing. In Woking, they don't hide that their goal is a clear improvement, but they cautioned: they are not thinking about the championship title! What they definitely want to achieve in 2024 is a race win, which was last achieved in 2021 with Daniel Ricciardo at the helm. Team principal Andrea Stella believes they are moving in the right direction; with the developments, they have managed to maintain last year's pace. However, he is skeptical about whether this will be enough considering the progress of others.


Photo: Getty Images