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Verstappen and Co. Suspiciously Satisfied...

Verstappen and Co. Suspiciously Satisfied...

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

On the first day of testing, Red Bull Racing demonstrated a brutal dominance, but perhaps even more concerning is the team's communication.

Well, it's only the first day of testing, so one could comfortably hide behind statements like "this doesn't count yet" or "no one is showing their real performance here," but the reality check will hit hard next weekend. Because only those who have a reason to smile usually do so. And at Red Bull, everyone smiled broadly, stating that "The concept is definitely working"...

"We had only a very short break, but the tremendous amount of work paid off because we created an impressive car. We arrived here in Bahrain with some question marks about our novelties, but on the first day, we managed to get answers to everything. We have good foundations for the future!" - said the team's chief race engineer.

Today, Sergio Perez will also start his work, so he will get half a day, with the other half going to Max Verstappen. The latter didn't hide his satisfaction, smiling broadly as he acknowledged that he ended Wednesday with a significant advantage: "I'm really looking forward to getting back in the car this afternoon. We'll coordinate with the engineers, and I believe we're heading in a very good direction."

Photo: Getty Images