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Steiner: "Verstappen's Star is SOON TO FADE..."

Steiner: "Verstappen's Star is SOON TO FADE..."

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

As we approach the opening of the F1 season, various speculations are emerging one after another. Now, for example, Günther Steiner, who departed from F1 not without controversy, has spoken out.

Steiner believes that the "Max Verstappen phenomenon" is heavily overdimensioned and will not be as long-lasting as the dominance of Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, or even Lewis Hamilton:

"I think this era will come to an end soon. It's just a transitional period, and I'm sure several teams will strongly challenge Red Bull Racing. Just look at how quickly McLaren caught up with them last year, and this could accelerate even more from 2026 onwards. Of course, I don't want to diminish Max Verstappen's dominance, which has absolutely influenced the 2023 season. He's in the best car, he's the best driver in the field, but the others aren't there to be supporting actors. There are still good drivers besides him, and there are good cars outside of Red Bull, so I think things could still change this year. It might even happen that Verstappen's star fades already this year." - stated the recently dismissed former Haas team principal.

Photo: Getty Images