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SHOCKING: Hamilton Lied to His Team Multiple Times

SHOCKING: Hamilton Lied to His Team Multiple Times

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

Everyone knows that Lewis Hamilton trains extremely hard and is a master of psychological games. But there's something that might surprise even his most ardent fans...

It turns out that since joining Mercedes, he has faked illness multiple times to get out of work. There's one thing in particular that he dislikes and constantly tries to avoid, as he revealed to the media:

"Once during a factory visit, Toto Wolff said that George Russell couldn't make it because he was ill, and I started to doubt it. Especially because I myself have often lied and reported sick during testing days. I just don't like these things and I was looking for a way out... These aren't tests on the track, but simulator work, which is very far from my liking. So yes, I lied rather than having to be there..." - confessed the seven-time world champion with devastating honesty.

The picture is somewhat nuanced by the fact that there were several occasions in the past when Hamilton not only skipped simulator work but also missed tire tests or filming days citing illness. In 2015, he even skipped a preseason testing day due to similar "issues"... If he weren't such a phenomenon, it would surely have caused a scandal, and the situation would likely be very different.

Fotó: XBP Images