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Sainz: "There's Life After Ferrari, Fantastic Opportunities Await!"

Sainz: "There's Life After Ferrari, Fantastic Opportunities Await!"

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

The 2024 racing season hasn't even started yet, but already there's a clear loser of the season. It's none other than Carlos Sainz, who despite his excellent performance, is being sidelined by the Reds, with Lewis Hamilton taking his place.

Nevertheless, the Spaniard is not despondent; in fact, he speaks of life after Scuderia Ferrari, highlighting the fantastic opportunities that are already coming his way:

"It's comforting to feel the support, but don't worry about me! I'm doing just fine, full of motivation and determination, not just for 2024, but looking forward. Racing in red will still be great, and I promise to give it my all! Life is like that sometimes, but when one door closes, two more open. And I can tell you, there are very exciting and attractive opportunities for me to move forward. Like most, I didn't expect what happened; it surprised everyone.

I got wind of Lewis Hamilton's arrival a little earlier, so I was able to prepare myself psychologically and emotionally for the announcement. It was a great honor to take to the track as a Scuderia Ferrari driver, and I've truly enjoyed the years spent here. Once you've been a Ferrari driver, you always remain one, and I'll carry many memories with me: pole positions, race wins, no regrets." - Carlos Sainz commented.

Photo: Getty Images