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Red Bull scandal: finally, Horner could not be metooed

Red Bull scandal: finally, Horner could not be metooed

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

krisThe independent investigation into the Red Bull Racing team principal was officially closed today. Chrtistian Horner has been cleared and the Briton can continue to drive Max Verstappen (for now).

As you know, the team was rocked by a "sexist" scandal, after a female employee of the company accused the team manager of sending intimate messages. Horner was investigated for a long time by an independent body specialised in such matters, and after their report was completed, the team boss was dismissed. For those who have followed the case, it is clear that rather than genuine sexual harassment, it was more part of a power struggle...

"The independent investigation into the allegations against Mr Horner has been concluded today. Red Bull confirms that the complaint has been dismissed and the complainant has the right of appeal. Red Bull remains committed to maintaining the highest standards in the workplace." - says the official statement.

Red Bull's failure to mention the confirmation of Christian Horner's position is already a source of speculation, but several sources have reported that the professional has no fears for his job. So, it didn't work, Christian Horner hasn't been meto...