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Red Bull Racing: The RB20 Has Arrived, Aiming for Title Defense

Red Bull Racing: The RB20 Has Arrived, Aiming for Title Defense

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

The last to step into the limelight among the 2024 cars is clearly designed to secure another championship title. In fact...

The car has received quite a lot of upgrades, so one might think: Red Bull not only wants to win championships but simply wants to destroy their rivals...

"We simply had to push ourselves and improve in all possible areas: mechanics, dynamics, and aerodynamics. Will this be enough for another dominant season? We'll see... What is visible from the outside is that this is a refined version of last year's car, but our engineers have aggressively approached the fundamentals in some areas. Everyone worked incredibly hard, and as a result, certain elements turned out to be extremely impressive," said Christian Horner.

Max Verstappen is extremely excited, looking forward to the new race car and hoping that their "collaboration" can bring his fourth world championship title...

"I'm very excited, and eventually, we'll see what we can achieve together. It's always a wonderful feeling for me to witness the birth of a new car, as it comes to life in the hands of the guys. Then comes the seat fitting, and then we're at the tests, where I finally see and understand what I need to contribute to make us successful. This season will be long, but we'll try to do our best, get to know the car, and see what we can achieve," Verstappen said.

Photo: Red Bull Racing Team