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Norris: no one else wins the championship until 2026, ONLY THE RED BULL

Norris: no one else wins the championship until 2026, ONLY THE RED BULL

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

The sad reality we've already discussed many times has been underlined by Lando Norris, and he's done it well. According to the Brit, until the rules are changed, no one else stands a chance, and the only way anyone else will win a race is if Max Verstappen makes a mistake...

The McLaren driver told the media on the press day of the Australian Grand Prix that, although he is not happy with their situation, he is confident in his team:

"For a real realignment of the balance of power, I'm afraid we'll have to wait until 2026. It's a moment of opportunity for all the teams, and it could bring major changes, because power is one of the most important elements in a car. There may not be such a big difference between the field, but there is a big difference in the way the cars are built, where there are already very big differences. Up to this point, I expect Red Bull to have a constant advantage because they are ahead in everything. They are very smart and they just have more and more experience, which is bloody hard to compete with. If they just work the same way as everyone else in the field, they'll keep their lead, and a race win is only possible if they make a mistake. We can only hope that they will run out of ideas... Last year we made a big step forward, which we can be satisfied with, but it is not enough to become the challenger. Who that might be is yet to be seen, I'm confident it will be us, but at the moment I think Ferrari will be strong enough this weekend to maybe give them a run for their money." - Lando Norris commented extensively on the balance of power.