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McLaren's Secret Project: They Will Beat the Verstappens?

McLaren's Secret Project: They Will Beat the Verstappens?

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

While most people are talking about Scuderia Ferrari and the Mercedes team, someone in the background is gearing up with great force to make a big impact in 2024. Yes, even in the realm of Red Bull Racing.

Yesterday, McLaren also "revealed" their new car, but even less usable details can be found on it compared to the usual demo cars. The keen-eyed surely noticed that there is nowhere to be seen a clearly visible, complete picture of the new race car. Instead, details, short videos, and elusive things characterize the MCL38. Well, this is not happening by accident...

"Why are we keeping it a secret? Because we can! This is about performance, so tell me, why should we reveal anything? They will see soon enough. Patience, patience, just two weeks..." – the team's driver pair, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, escalated interest to the sky. The latter sent a not-so-subtle message to the big rival Red Bull: "At least we showed our car before taking it to the track. Not like others..."

According to Andrea Stella, the team principal, there is no spectacle or trickery here...

"Sometimes, you simply want to have a more restrained car reveal. We thought a lot about what to do, and we decided to show less of ourselves this year."

Certainly, this is why you can hardly find any normal photo depicting the MCL38 as a whole on the internet. Very believable!

Photo: McLaren Team