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McLaren: "Piastri is the FUTURE WORLD CHAMPION"

McLaren: "Piastri is the FUTURE WORLD CHAMPION"

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

Andrea Stella, the team principal, feels they have found a gem in Oscar Piastri at the team. The expert also believes he knows how to recognize someone destined to be a world champion.

Stella is of the opinion that if someone is truly a world champion material, it can be immediately discerned from their raw pace. There's no such thing as "not today, maybe next time for sure"; when a future winner rolls onto the track, circumstances and technology don't matter, they'll immediately be fast:

"Those who have the potential to be world champions immediately possess something that others don't. And that's raw, natural pace, which they can demonstrate on the track right away. They must also have above-average mental endurance and the ability to exploit all of this. Oscar has all these qualities, and he knows how to deal with them. As our car becomes more competitive, it becomes clearer to us what a gem we've found in him. He was immediately able to perform at the highest level, but this didn't surprise us because he already proved himself during tests and the first races. He will be the next great champion of Formula 1!" – rejoiced the McLaren team leader.

What do you think, could we indeed be admiring multiple world championships in Oscar Piastri in a decade's time?

Photo: XPB Images