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If HORNER stays, will VERSTAPPEN ditch to Mercedes?

If HORNER stays, will VERSTAPPEN ditch to Mercedes?

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

Allegedly, the ground beneath Christian Horner's feet is getting hotter and hotter. Jos Verstappen is already threatening that if Horner stays with the team, then Max Verstappen will go to Mercedes.

And if all this weren't enough, there are rumors swirling that in light of the circus, the newly minted engine partner Ford is also considering leaving. If this happens, then Verstappen goes, and if Verstappen goes, he could take many with him. For example, Adrian Newey... The whole story has progressed to the point where the elder Verstappen had a private meeting with Toto Wolff in Bahrain.

Wolff, of course, seizes the opportunity, as anything that weakens Red Bull Racing is good for him. It's telling that when asked about the situation in an interview, he noted that in Formula 1, nothing in the world can be ruled out...

Meanwhile, Ford is already getting restless. The company's CEO has called on the team to keep them informed about the developments and even make their "operations" transparent! If this were to escalate to the point where Ford leaves, or if the internal tensions decrease the efficiency of Red Bull Powertrains' work (which will be vital for Red Bull in the future from the electronic aspect of engine development), it can immediately contextualize the above.

Many international media outlets close to the fire see Max Verstappen's move to Mercedes as possible for this reason. Before anyone starts laughing, think about it: What was the story a month ago about Lewis Hamilton vs Scuderia Ferrari? Just fiction. And now?