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Horner scandal: is the FIA getting involved?

Horner scandal: is the FIA getting involved?

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

The FIA is now involved in the FIA investigation into Christian Horner's 'harassment' case. In hindsight, what seemed obvious to us from the start is becoming increasingly clear: there is a power struggle going on, nothing more...

After the first round of which it looked as if the Red Bull Racing team boss would be able to stay in his job after winning the first battle, and even to continue in his job with more influence than ever. It looked as if the vested interests that sparked the scandal were not happy with this outcome, so the now suspended 'harassed lady' has now made further allegations and is taking her case to a higher body. This is none other than the relevant body of the FIA...

Although the FIA has not confirmed that the Red Bull employee has complained to them about Horner, they have issued a statement saying that they have no way of confirming/denying such reports while they are investigating. If they are investigating at all. But if not, why would they have reacted?

"The protocol at the FIA is that such requests and complaints should be referred to the designated commissioner, or in more serious cases to the ethics committee, which deals with such matters. Both bodies operate anonymously and guarantee that the procedure is strictly confidential and anonymous. For this reason, we cannot discuss what is going on and we cannot comment on the whole case," they said.

While Horner can wait for the outcome, one thing is almost certain: the Australian Grand Prix will not be the race where the masterminds of the whole avalanche will succeed in removing him. That is, if they succeed at all...