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Horner: "Sainz for Verstappen? NOT OUT OF THE QUESTION!"

Horner: "Sainz for Verstappen? NOT OUT OF THE QUESTION!"

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

There was a precedent with Red Bull Racing's "subsidiary", and after many years, a Carlos Sainz-Max Verstappen pairing is beginning to emerge again.

In recent times, Sainz has been one of the most consistent performers in Formula 1, and not only the fans and pundits, but also the industry, are taking notice. For example, Red Bull's professional staff, who have never hidden the fact that they are not necessarily satisfied with Sergio Perez's performance. And now that Sainz has been badly and undeservedly parked by Scuderia Ferrari, the question is: are the Austrian team thinking of acquiring the Spaniard?

"Clearly we want to have the best possible pair at the team and sometimes it goes beyond us, we have to look outside the team. The racing market is completely fluid at the moment, we are looking at performance and on that basis we can't rule anything out. Nor that Carlos Sainz could be our man. Carlos is the only one who has beaten us in recent years, he's our nemesis, so we'll keep an eye on him," joked Christian Horner, in all seriousness...