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Horner: "Perez is Facing a VERY SERIOUS Season Ahead"

Horner: "Perez is Facing a VERY SERIOUS Season Ahead"

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull Racing, believes that Sergio Perez, who performed poorly this year, will undergo a "fantastic rejuvenation" in 2024, which has actually already begun.

Throughout the season, Perez has only managed to win two races, while his world champion teammate has almost ten times as many victories. This is quite embarrassing for someone sitting in a championship-winning car, but it seems that Red Bull Racing's patience knows no bounds...

"In the last few races, he pushed the reset button. Since then, he has performed as expected, and based on his data, he has shown very, very strong pace. He just needs better qualifying results to be more competitive. His pace is there, and his performance in races is simply sensational. I think he executed the most overtakes in this season! Now he just needs to start from the first four places, not from further back. Nevertheless, he managed to secure second place in the championship, won races, and we have seen great things from him. He knows where and how he needs to improve, and I believe he will reconsider his approach next year and approach racing completely differently. He knows he is facing a big season ahead, so he will use the time to step forward in every aspect and strike back in 2024." – Horner stated.

It's amazing how great this PR text is, or how unaware Red Bull is of Sergio Perez's abilities...

Photo: XBP Images