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Horner: "I AM STAYING as the Red Bull Racing Team Principal!"

Horner: "I AM STAYING as the Red Bull Racing Team Principal!"

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

Christian Horner's "scandal" has been making headlines in the press for a while now, but anyone capable of critical thinking can see that not everything is as it seems.

Every Formula 1 enthusiast has heard about Horner's scandal, but the truly wise ones have probably looked beyond the story to see if a multimillionaire playboy really needs anything from his employees. So far, the investigation has yielded no results, and Horner, in his capacity as team principal, naturally participated in the unveiling of the Red Bull Racing RB20's new car. Since the scandal, he has now spoken for the first time, to ESPN American television:

"Will I stay in my position? Yes, absolutely, I will remain the team principal. The process is still ongoing, but I am fully focused on the upcoming season. I think everyone is eager for the results of this investigation to be finalized, but we must respect that it takes time and must be conducted properly. But I am calm because it will be concluded within a reasonable time frame, and everything will return to normal."

Photo:Getty Images