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HERE'S the new Ferrari: introducing the SF24

HERE'S the new Ferrari: introducing the SF24

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

The Reds arrived in 2024 with modest expectations but a truly beautiful car.

In Maranello, the goals for this year are not high: they don't talk about championship titles, instead, they aim to deliver strong and competitive performances in most races. Meanwhile, they are already half-focused on 2025, laying the groundwork for the new era where, alongside Lewis Hamilton, many excellent professionals will join, and their not-so-secret desire is to put themselves back on the map from 2026 onward.

"With the SF-24, we wanted to lay completely new foundations, so we redesigned every element, transferring very little from the end-of-2023 model. We took into account the suggestions of our drivers, discussed numerous new engineering ideas, and in the end, turned them into reality. Ultimately, we wanted to achieve an easier-to-drive car that could push those certain limits further. During the design process, we simply aimed for a strong and honest machine that would deliver the same on the track as we saw in the wind tunnel," said Enrico Cardile, the technical director. Soon, we'll find out if he was right...

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari