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Here's Hamilton's LAST Mercedes

Here's Hamilton's LAST Mercedes

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

After a long time, the Brit has stepped into the public eye for the first time, and understandably stole some of the show ahead of the unveiling of the W15E:

"Our goal was still the same, to put good work on the table. We want a car that is predictable, has a strong engine, and downforce. We simply want to achieve our goals with it. We want to give Lewis and George a car that's enjoyable to get into, enjoyable to drive, and much easier to handle than what they've experienced in previous years. Soon, we'll see how it turned out, as in a week's time in Bahrain, we'll get serious feedback," said Toto Wolff.

Hamilton emphasized that before leaving, his main goal is to get the team back to where they were before: "Now comes the hardest and most important part of the work. We have to be thorough with everything, understand the data, how the car works, and get everything out of it," summarized the world star, who will be employed at Scuderia Ferrari in 2025.

Photo: Mercedes