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Here is the 2024 VISA Cash APP: Not Just a Name Change!

Here is the 2024 VISA Cash APP: Not Just a Name Change!

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

In Faenza, there has been practically more than just a name change; a completely new team is being built in collaboration with Red Bull Racing. All of this is aimed at making Daniel Ricciardo and the team more competitive.

Upon seeing the VCARB-01, rivals raised their eyebrows, noting that much of the construction comes from last year's RB world champion car. At first glance, it's evident that there's a resemblance to the Red Bull team, as the VCARB-01 is equipped with the gearbox and rear suspension of the previous RB19, with similarities in the front suspension, nose, and even the floor design. Of course, this isn't surprising, as the two teams have practically moved in together, with Visa Cash App relocating its aero department to Milton Keynes. The new team principal coming from Scuderia Ferrari believes that a completely new team is being built, and Laurent Mekies expects the team to struggle initially, but with mid-season developments, they could be competitive for podium finishes on favorable tracks. One thing is for sure, even if the team name isn't the best, the appearance is flawless...

Photo: Visa Cash App RB