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Hamilton: "True, I'm suffering now, but I'm still enjoying it..."

Hamilton: "True, I'm suffering now, but I'm still enjoying it..."

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

The record holder has been under a lot of pressure lately, and instead of winning his eighth world title, he would probably be happy to break his winless streak of several years.

Lewis Hamilton would be happy with just one more race win, but he has no chance of that at the moment, perhaps even less than he had last season. Many believe that the Briton has one foot and a head in Scuderia Ferrari's door, and the current events in the sport are not necessarily good for his mood. However, he said he still loves F1 despite the lack of success:

"The sport has evolved a lot over time. We are being watched in more and more places, we are being accepted in more and more places. More people than ever before! It's a wonderful thing, it's great that we're sticking to our values. Integrity is important, fans need to trust the sport, the decision makers, us. It's also true that everyone wants to see close fights, and that's what I want to see as a competitor. But that's the way the sport is, it has a history of dominance. There was Michael Schumacher, there was my era, and now there's Max Verstappen. And we can't take that away from Red Bull. What they've achieved as a team, we have to take our hats off to them, they've set that particular bar very high. Now we all want to climb that, we all want to achieve that. Over time, it would be fantastic if more and more of us were very close. We are working on that every single day..." said Hamilton.