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Hamilton at FERRARI? This is likely NOT A HOAX!

Hamilton at FERRARI? This is likely NOT A HOAX!

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

Today's bombshell news is that Lewis Hamilton could transfer to Scuderia Ferrari from 2025 onwards. Allegedly, the agreement has already been reached, and we're just waiting for the official announcement.

At times like these, social media comment sections light up, with everyone thinking it's mere speculation, a hoax, or even cheap fake news. We'd like to draw their attention to how the press operates: A news story emerges when information surfaces for some reason. If more and more outlets report this information without any official denial, and if the only reaction is deafening silence, then we can be sure of one thing. It's not just clickbait we're dealing with!

This is precisely the situation with Hamilton, where the idea and desire for a team change have been increasingly evident for some time. Let's start with the fact that there isn't an F1 champion who wouldn't want to don the red overalls at least once. It's worth considering how motivating Mercedes' recent lack of success might be for a seven-time world champion. It's also interesting to ponder how Hamilton, who's been losing popularity, could stage a triumphant retirement from racing by securing his eighth world championship title with Ferrari and restoring faith in Maranello. And let's not even get started on the PR value.

While honesty is not Lewis Hamilton's strong suit, and Ferrari fanatics might be hesitant, this would still be a very original moment in Formula 1, which has increasingly become an overly commercialized spectacle.


Photo: Getty Images