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FIA: Andretti Project SCRAPPED...

FIA: Andretti Project SCRAPPED...

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

The unthinkable has happened: No matter how big the name Andretti is, it's not big enough to propel their project into the orbit of Formula 1.

The FIA made an official announcement today, stating that they rejected their entry for 2026 citing professional reasons. However, the real issue is much more financial in nature, as we can't simply regard Andretti's team as mere inexperienced newcomers...

"We don't believe the applicant would add any additional value to the championship. We might see this differently in the case of a 2028 bid if the team, partnered with General Motors, intended to join as a factory outfit with GM power units. (When the entry fee would triple the current amount.)

Adding an 11th team would not bring any extra value to Formula 1 in itself, especially considering that, in our opinion, they wouldn't be competitive. This would be the added value, but it's almost unlikely in the case of the applicant. Our research indicates that the Andretti name enjoys some recognition, but it's more likely that Formula 1 would enhance the Andretti brand rather than the other way around.

Therefore, we have decided to maintain a field of ten teams in the coming years. Andretti's partner, General Motors, is already working on an F1 engine project and has indicated that they won't give up, but are only willing to consider joining with Andretti." - reads the statement.

A WONDERFUL DECISION, as we're slowly inching towards having four American races...

Photo: Getty Images