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Ferrari: Strategic Scapegoat EXPELLED...

Ferrari: Strategic Scapegoat EXPELLED...

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

Inaki Rueda's name wasn't exactly held in reverence by Scuderia Ferrari fanatics, most of whom blame him for the team's incredibly poor strategic decisions. From now on, they'll have to blame someone else for the mistakes.

According to the always well-informed Italian press, if we can believe it, Rueda, who was already reassigned to another department last year, has been further punished in Maranello and permanently removed from the F1 project. However, team principal Frederic Vasseur spoke quite diplomatically about the strategic director's role, which doesn't suggest at all that Rueda would leave Ferrari as some kind of persecuted criminal. According to Vasseur, the blame for the terrible decisions of the disastrous 2022 season cannot be placed solely on one person; the entire team is collectively responsible. That's why the department was reorganized, and as part of it, the aforementioned professional also said goodbye to strategic decisions. Now, according to Corriere dello Sport, it seems to be final...

What do you think, will Ferrari's much-criticized strategy suddenly improve overnight because of this? You can guess three times...

Photo: XBP Images