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End of the rumors: LECLERC has extended with Ferrari!

End of the rumors: LECLERC has extended with Ferrari!

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

Charles Leclerc has committed himself for years, that's all the team revealed about today's announcement, stating that their driver has signed another long-term contract with them.

Meanwhile, the always well-informed international press reports that the new agreement extends until the end of 2026, meaning Leclerc will remain with Scuderia Ferrari even with the introduction of the new engine regulations. However, a two-year contract can be called many things, but it's definitely not long-term...

"I am very happy to continue wearing the Ferrari overalls and serving them for more years. Since I was three years old, it has been my dream to be with this team. I remember watching the red cars from a friend's apartment at the Monaco Grand Prix. The team has since become like a second family to me, and since 2016, we have experienced many things together, weathering good and bad times. But the best is yet to come because I am sure we will achieve our goals, and I will become a world champion with Ferrari. I can't wait for the season to start, I want to improve and be competitive, and I want to make our fans happy!" - stated the motivated driver.

Photo: Getty Images