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Berger: "Lauda would not have let Hamilton go to Ferrari"

Berger: "Lauda would not have let Hamilton go to Ferrari"

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

It's been known for weeks that Lewis Hamilton will continue his career at Scuderia Ferrari from 2025, but the public is still finding it hard to shake off the idea.

In fact, not only the fans, but also the industry has its say on the matter from time to time. Now Gerhard Berger, a former Reds driver, has spoken out about the shock transfer. Berger believes that if the iconic Mercedes chairman without executive powers were still alive, none of this would have happened. For the simple reason that the Austrian would not have allowed it:

"I am sure that Niki would have done everything he could to prevent this from happening and would have intervened to ensure that Lewis left for Ferrari. At the very least, he would have scared Hamilton, who would not have dared to do it, even if he had had the courage to do it. Just as Lauda had a huge role in getting him to the team at the time, he would have had exactly the same influence against him giving up Mercedes," says Gerhard Berger, painting an interesting picture of Niki Lauda's influence.