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Bahrain: Mercedes first for the second time

Bahrain: Mercedes first for the second time

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

In the second, floodlit free practice session of the Bahrain Grand Prix, two Mercedes cars were the fastest. Fernando Alonso finished behind Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

The conditions and pace of work were much more intense on this stage, as the wind picked up alongside the unusual cool. From the first moments of the session, the soft compounds were put on the biggest cars, who immediately beat Daniel Ricciardo's time from the first practice session. Hamilton immediately opened up the lead, followed by Alonso and Charles Leclerc, and then Max Verstappen. Meanwhile, the wind continued to pick up, which led to some minor mistakes, but the times improved. Hamilton continued to accelerate and even caught up with his team-mate. The longer stages followed, and the result remained the same, with the two Mercedes and Fernado Alonso in the lead going into tomorrow.