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Alpine to be REPLACED by ANDRETTI?

Alpine to be REPLACED by ANDRETTI?

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

As the saying goes, what's sorrow for one is joy for another. This specific situation might arise concerning the Alpine team, as Andretti is already circling over them like a vulture.

In professional circles, they are already talking about the French team as if there were the four top teams, then there are the others, and then there's Alpine... This says more than anything about the struggles Pierre Gasly and his teammates are facing. Even the investor group associated with Ryan Reynolds, who invested a significant sum last year, is not pleased with the situation, and if the decline continues, it's almost certain they will withdraw their sponsorship. Of course, not everyone would mind this, as illustrated best by a previous statement from Christian Horner:

"The Formula 1 has clearly defined its position regarding the Andretti issue. But there's a twist in the matter because as the 11th team, they can't just enter Formula 1. This means if they had the opportunity to take over an existing team, the path would open up for them."

With the scandalous, almost incomprehensible things happening in F1 lately, we wouldn't even be surprised by this. Time will tell what will happen.