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Alonso: "Too much drama, too little racing..."

Alonso: "Too much drama, too little racing..."

Krisztián Márk Tóth |

The recent controversies have taken a toll not only on the fans and the industry but also on the drivers themselves. Some are particularly fed up with the circus.

One of them is Fernando Alonso, who indirectly found himself involved in one of the scandals (the FIA president was recently accused of personally intervening at last year's Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to overturn the Spanish driver's ten-second penalty). Now, he has spoken out - one might say, on behalf of all of us:

"Unfortunately, there's too much happening off the track, and too little within it. This is also because racing currently isn't very exciting; one car has won seventy-two races, dominating the sport for three years. When this happens, the focus always shifts to other aspects of racing... As for the investigation into Mohammed bin Sulayem, the FIA is handling it, and we will respect its outcome. We are satisfied with our position, our evidence is solid, so the result is certain. It's not up to us. As for the other issue, it's very difficult to say anything, as something new erupts almost every day..." - said the two-time world champion.