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Alonso: "I've Never Been in Better Shape!"

Alonso: "I've Never Been in Better Shape!"

Zoltán Varga |

Fernando Alonso simply doesn't age! Before the testing days, he declared that he has never been fitter or in better shape in his entire life.

The two-time world champion has already passed his 42nd birthday, but his determination and brilliance haven't faded over the years. On the contrary!

"I feel great, I'm fitter than ever before! And this isn't just a feeling, it's supported by numbers. Before every season, we undergo rigorous physical tests, and the statistics have never been as impressive as they are now. I've worked hard to be better prepared than ever to get behind the wheel. I've pushed myself for months, and it paid off. I'm not here to just go through the motions, I'm not going to continue racing for years just because I enjoy it. I know I can give 200%, I want to support my team on and off the track, I want results! For me, Aston Martin is the priority, they gave me a chance last year, and now I want to give it my all! I feel we're on a very good path, with the new factory everything is going smoothly, and a bright future awaits us. And I'll do everything to maximize my opportunities!" - stated the eternal young champion.

Photo: Getty Images