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A GOOD GREEN STAKE, can it stay?

A GOOD GREEN STAKE, can it stay?

Zoltán Varga |

The Stake F1 Team, leaving Alfa Romeo behind and creeping towards Audi, not only underwent a serious facelift but also formulated a serious message. They no longer want to belong to the bottom tier!

"We don't want to be in the category of also-rans anymore. We want to compete," said Alessandro Alunni Bravi, the team manager. The drivers, now dressed in green, are equally determined. Among them, Valtteri Bottas clarified, "I'll be much faster dressed in green! A completely new, exciting era is coming for the team, and I don't want to do anything else but race. When do we start?"

Guanyu Zhou shares his colleague's opinion: "We've had a tough year behind us, and we all expect more from 2024! The factory is motivated, there are many novelties, exciting changes are coming, the atmosphere is good, and I'm really looking forward to getting to work! I have a good feeling, I'll try to get the most out of myself and of course, the technology!"

"In F1, even small steps forward mean a lot. During the winter, we tried to improve in every aspect. We went through every little detail of our car, but we also examined how our team operates, and we reorganized a lot of things. We've done the job, but from the first race to the last, we have to do this every moment to crown our efforts with real success," Alunni Bravi explained.

Photo: 2024 Sauber F1 Team